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Neuters and Spays: why do some places charge more and some charge less? Aren't they all the same?

The short answer is no. Pet owners should be aware of exactly what they are getting when they are quoted a low price for a neuter for spay. CLICK HERE for more details.

Boarding Information (Click here)
If you're getting ready to board your pet, there are things you need to know and prepare for. This brochure will provide valuable information. Call us if you have questions. We'd love to board your pet while you're away.
ResQ Microchip (Click here)

40-46% of dogs and cats that are lost have been lost once before. A single injection is all it takes to protect your pet for a lifetime.
Protect your pet against Leptospirosis (Click here)

Leptospirorsis is a very serious disease that can be transmitted from animals to people. The bacteria is most commonly transmitted from wildlife urine into water sources. Pets exposed to areas where deer, raccoons, rabbits or other wildlife live are at most risk. This disease is on the rise in the Pacific Northwest. Protection against it is simple and easy.
Revolution (Click Here)

Protect your pet against not only fleas, but internal parasites as well. Revolution prevents heartworm, treats and controls ear mites and other parasites.
You may have noticed that extra weight impacts your dog's regular daily activities, making it harder to climb stairs, play, or even walk.

When used as directed, SLENTROL helps obese dogs lose weight at a steady, sustainable rate—the medically appropriate approach to weight loss. Click here for more information.

EXAMS: Just as annual physical exams are needed for people, they are also important for our pets. Dogs and cats age faster than people and require more frequent examinations to identify potential health risks before they become a problem. Early detection of health concerns is a critical component to assuring a long, healthy life for your pet. READ MORE

RIMADYL: Canine arthritis is more common than you may think. It can affect dogs of any age, breed or sex. In fact, studies have shown that as many as 1 in 4 dogs in the United States has been diagnosed with some degree of osteoarthritis.2 Although there is no cure, chronic arthritis pain can be managed with the help of diet, exercise, proper medication and surgery. READ MORE
Infectious Trachiael Bronchitis (ITB) is a very preventable disease, thanks to the availability of effective Bordetella vaccines, such as Bronchicine® CAe. Vaccination for the ITB viral pathogens CPIV and CAV-2 is part of your dog’s routine annual distemper booster.
CONVENIA is an injectable antibiotic that is proven safe and effective. It starts working within a few hours of administration. A single injection of CONVENIA is equivalent to as many as 14 days of oral antibiotics. READ MORE
Vaccination is the key to protecting your dog against many diseases. Visit Northwest Animal Care regularly to keep your dog’s vaccinations up-to-date and for routine physical examinations that can help detect potential health problems early. These preventive measures will help ensure the best quality of life for your canine companion – your friend for life!
SHOPPING ONLINE? BUYER BEWARE: Online deals aren't always as good as they appear. READ MORE
Hydrotherapy reduces swelling and inflammation, relieves pain, and increases circulation as well as range of motion, allowing your pet to recover more easily and quickly from surgery or injury. Even though hydrotherapy is a simple technique, it can be tremendously effective for healing and returning your dog to pain-free mobility.
BOARDING AND GROOMING: “The suites are accommodations that keep pets safe and comfortable when they are sleeping,” Dr. Johnson said, “but during the day, our suite guests are out enjoying the day with members of our staff or other social dogs.
BLOOD PLATELET THERAPY: For dogs suffering from arthritis or other joint pain, Canine Platelet Enhancement Therapy (C-Pet) is a natural and safe cell therapy that promotes healing. Page 1: Page 2:
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